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Manually Install Sage Update

When trying to open Sage you receive a message: "Cannot open company file.  This data has been updated to a new file format and is not compatible with this version of the software"

This is due to your Sage company file having been used in a newer version of Sage.  First of all, ensure you are opening the latest version of Sage that's installed on your computer.  If you are already doing so, there might be an update pending for this version.  Sage may have already downloaded an update in the background, but not yet installed it.

Follow these steps to check for an update that was downloaded, but not yet installed.

1. Ensure that Sage is closed.

2. Open File Explorer (the yellow folder on your taskbar).

3. On the left side, click on This PC.

4.  Double click on your main hard drive (Usually labelled "Local Disk (C:)" or something to that effect).

5.  Navigate through the folders to this path: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download

6.  Look for a file here with a recent date stamp - the name of the file should coincide with the version of Sage you are running and then end in "UP1" or "UP2" etc.  Example: SA_20201CPUP1 is the name of the Sage 2020.1 update.

7. Double click the file to install the update.

Now your Sage should be the latest version and open your company file.

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Posted: January 2020

Author: BK