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Purge ink system - Brother inkjet units

Having Print Quality problems on your Brother printer?  See the "poor" and "ok" sample image below.

If a normal cleaning does not resolve print quality issues, a Maintenance Mode cleaning may help.

In order to properly enter Maintenance Mode, each of the following buttons must be pressed very quickly - do not wait between button presses.

(Ignore any beeps the printer makes while the sequence is being entered)

Press Menu

Press *

Press 2

Press 8

Press 6

Press 4

The display screen on the printer should now say Maintenance Mode.

Press 763

Press either the Black Start button or Color Start button depending on which you are experiencing quality issues with.

Once the cleaning has completed, press 99 and the printer will reboot.

After the reboot a Print Quality page should be printed, otherwise use the menus to see if print quality has improved.  If not another Maintenance Mode cleaning may help or a new ink cartridge may be required.  Sometimes a compatible or re-manufactured cartridge may be the cause - you may want to try a Brother original cartridge to be sure.

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Posted: December 2015

Author: BK