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AVG Detection with Qustodio

Recently we have been noticing that if you have both AVG AntiVirus and Qustodio Internet filtering software installed, there appears to be a conflict between the 2 programs.

As a work-around, we recommend to configure the following Exception within AVG.

- open the AVG main window

- at the top right, click on Options

- click Advanced Settings

- on the left, 2/3 down, click on Exceptions

- click Add Exception at the bottom left

- in the Exception Type drop down, choose URL

- In the field "Enter a website's URL below." put in:

- ensure there is a checkmark in the "Use this exception for Online Shield" box

- click Ok and Ok again and close AVG

If you send us an email to inform that you have followed the above steps, we will notify you once a fix has been given by either AVG or Qustodio so that this exception can then be removed again.

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Posted: November 2016

Author: BK